Game Concept
The Kawaii project is a serie of games elaborated with FlashGameMaker in collaboration with BladeSquad, a talented Graphist who worked for Ankama Studio. He pretty much came up with the ideas and arts. Together we imagined 3 concept games that we named KawaiiWorld, KawaiiOlympic and KawaiiIsland...

Finite Machine State for gaming

I have made my first tutorial on the topic Finite Machine State. I tried to apply this concept to simple gaming examples. FSM are mainly used for AI but could also be used for other stuff such sa organising game workflow. Just a tricky example with the famous puzzle game Wolf, Sheep & Cabbage.
Rules are simples, you have to help aman in aboat to move the wolf, the sheep and the box of cabbage to the other side of the lake. You can only bring one of these with you at a time. It is very important to note that the unguarded wolf will eat the sheep and the unguarded sheep will eat the cabbage, when the man isn’t around.Without saying more I can tell you that FSM can help you create this king of brain game.

French version available on Mediabox.

Little Fighter EVO

Little Fighter EVO is a fun and light game for all ages.During the game you will control fighters, with special individual attacks and abilities for each fighter.The game includes one on one battles, team battles, stages, levels, tournaments and much more.You can even play net battles against your internet buddies. The game was originally made by Marti and Starky Wong for PC.

I am currently working on a web and mobile version Little Fighter Evo, powered by FlashGameMaker.

Iann Bunnies BenchMark

I tried to recreate the bunnies experiment of Iann Lobb using FlashGameMaker. Following is the result of my experiment:

Click Here    Source

Mini games demo

When I was working for TheBroth on the game BarnBuddy I was explained that an issue was the limited numbers of sprites they could display on the screen. Therefore, I tried to show them what they could do to resolved this issue. Using FlashGameMaker you can display easily 300 clips in the same time. They can be swf or spritesheets based. I also worked on mini games we could integrate to the original game to level up the fun. Please have a look:
Barnbuddy Experiment Run Foxy! Run!   Jump Foxy! Jump!

How Big is your TileMap?

A tile based game is a game based on tiles as fundamental element.
Many famous games such as Zelda use this concept.
A common problem for tile based game is the map creation.
We often are limited in terms of size. But I found a way around this issue.
I use a combination of map comression with the Run-Length alogrithm, copyPixel and Blitting to display a huge map.

Try it yourself ! Click Here

(Please scroll the map with your mouse and try to reach the edge of this gigantic map of 500.000 tiles.)


What is FlashGameMaker?
FlashGameMaker is a game engine.
FGM makes it easy for Flash ActionScript game developers to make 2D side-scrolling and isometric action games.
Built in AS3, FGM is an open-source collaborative project. The main goal of FlashGameMaker is to facilitate and enhance the quality of web games.