Monetizing Flash Games
There is many way to make money with flash games. The most common strategies are integration of ads, sponsorship, licensing, paying games (subscription or selling), prizing contest and marketing of virtual-goods. FlashGameMaker is designed to create infinity of games.By using FGM you will be able to create more games, in less time with a better quality and make more profit.
All games created with FGM are the creator's intellectual property.

Market Your Talent
The most interesting element of FGM is to gather talented people willing to distribute game ressources. Components, graphics, sounds, writings
are elements that you can share of market to the FGM community.

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ktinho said...

I create the map with the engine and click on save me from an xml file.

but seriously how to make a game with game maker free flash tutorial anybody can.

Lia said...

I am glad to find this blog it is very interesting information that got my attention. This information also is a big help on a Flash Developer. Thanks.

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