IsoEngine is an AS3 isometric programing engine, focused mainly on game development. The first aim was to be able to create a full iso world (multilevel) with collision and new moves (such as sliding). IsoEngine is still popular and fairly downloaded. That is why I plan to fully integrate IsoEngine into FlashGameMaker. I am not too far from i am missing the phycics (mainly collision with walls and slopes).

IsoEngine and IsoEditor have been downloaded more than 10000 times.
The main features of IsoEngine are:
- Multilevel Isometric Map
- Special tiles such as Slopes, boucing tiles, ladders etc..
- Special moves (see How to play)
- Depth-sorting (unperfect)
- A* path finding (click on a tile to move)
- Real-time map edition
- Collision management

 How to play


Try IsoEnginev2 online

Try IsoEditorv2 online

Source code (open source)

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Shammi Seth said...

hi, do you thing this lib will work in AIR on mobile it is running at 8 fps

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