Most frequently asked questions

1. How can I grab the revised source from the SVN repository?
-Download and Install Tortoise
-Create and name a new folder FlashGameMaker
-Right-Click on the folder and click on the new Tortoise icon SVN Checkout
-Insert the following adress in the URL of repository: (

For more details follow the tutorial on CJ's blog.

2. How can I include the FlashGameMaker.swc lib in my project?

-Download FlashGameMaker.swc here

* With FlashBuilder project
 -> Tutorial here

*With FlashDeveloper
-> Copy the swc in the project folder
-> Right click on the swc and select Add to library

3. I have downloaded the sources, but when I try to lauch FlashGameMaker.swf the loader stay bloked on 0%.
If the swf is blocked it is beacuse of the Flash Security.
Online and local content cannot be accessed from an untrust swf. To allow FlashGameMaker to access files (xml, bmp, mp3 and swf) you must permit the application to communicate.

To do so follow the following manipulation:

- Go to the Adobe Global Security Panel
- Click on "modify, "Add", and "Search a folder".
- Select the folder containing FGM
- Click "Confirm".

Your application is now allow to communicate in local.
(More details on Senocular's website)

4. How can I use FlashGameServer?
First of all download the latest source of FGS available in the repository as explained above.
Second launch the file Server.jar located in FGS/dist/. If not launched automatically on double-click. You can right-click on Server.jar then select open with choose cmd.exe located in your C:\\windows\System32 folder. Then enter java -jar Server.jar. You may have a recent version of JDK and JRE installed to execute this command.
Third a pop up might show up asking you to allow Server.jar to access internet. Click Yes.
Finally you server is launched automatically on your localhost port 4444.
Launch FlashGameMaker and try the MessageComponent (don't forget to setConnection on localhost port 4444)
(More detailed explaination coming soon with visuals)

5. Can I change the port of FlashGameServer?
Yes and it is easy. FGS can be launched with an optional argument. Either way you can modify the standard port of connection in the source and rebuild the Server.jar.
(More detailed explaination coming soon with visuals)

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