What is FlashGameMaker?
FlashGameMaker is a game engine.FGM makes it easy for Flash ActionScript game developers to make 2D side-scrolling and isometric action games.
Built in AS3, FGM is an open-source collaborative project. distributed with the GNUv3 licence.
Under this licence you are FREE to copy, adapt, use and distribute the work.
The main goal of FlashGameMaker is to facilitate and enhance the quality of web games. 

FlashGameMaker answer to the needs of people to create games. Thanks to its flexible entity-component architecture, FlashGameMaker permits people to create their own games in no time without having strong skills in programmation.

FlashGameMaker is not only aimed to developer. Graphist, sound artists or writter can contribute by providing ressources or selling them on the portail (soon available). Moreover, all games created with FGM are considered intellectual property. Therefore, being part of the community will permits people to share or market their talents.

Join us on Google Group. Coders, graphist, sound artists, writers and web designers are welcome to catch with us and participate to the project. You can also contact me at joachim_djibril[at]


Kawaii-Island is one of the first game made with FlashGameMaker in collaboration with BladeSquad a talented graphist from Ankama Studio. The game is in working progress. Try it now!!!  

Why using FlashGameMaker?
FlashGameMaker is FREE, FAST, ROBUST and EASY to use !

Main features:
* Architecture Entity-Component
- Allow to create flexible, easy to maintain and  performant code
- Reusable component permits to create several games with ease

* Fast rendering and Z-sorting
- FlashGameMaker by using copypixel and blitting can display graphics with optimized use of ressources (CPU and Memory). It also automatically sort any components on the stage !
- See IannBunnyBenchMark, BarnbudyExperiment  and HugeTileMap examples

* Tons of game examples
- To help you start with FlashGameMaker I provide you with examples and source code:
     - MetalSlugOrigin is a 2D platform game (try it here)
     - Little Fighter Evo is a fighting game based on LittleFighter2 (try it here)

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