Game Concept
The Kawaii project is a serie of games elaborated with FlashGameMaker in collaboration with BladeSquad, a talented Graphist who worked for Ankama Studio. He pretty much came up with the ideas and arts. Together we imagined 3 concept games that we named KawaiiWorld, KawaiiOlympic and KawaiiIsland...

Kawaii World is a platform game based on a circular map. The main idea was to used a planet rotating on itself but we couldn't find a good game mechanic.

Kawaii Olympic is a simple arcade game inspired from Sega Olympic Game (or the most recent Mario and Sonic at the Olympic games)

Kawaii Island is an isometric social game game were you have take care of a baby and left on his own on a mysterious Island. Try the demo on Facebook !

Development progress
We managed to get a descent User Interface and demo of what the game would look like. We even started to integrate the demo on Facebook. But the scope and perimter was not well defined so i dropped the project to focus on LittleFighterEvo which I believe will be easier to complete.


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