Mini games demo

When I was working for TheBroth on the game BarnBuddy I was explained that an issue was the limited numbers of sprites they could display on the screen. Therefore, I tried to show them what they could do to resolved this issue. Using FlashGameMaker you can display easily 300 clips in the same time. They can be swf or spritesheets based. I also worked on mini games we could integrate to the original game to level up the fun. Please have a look:
Barnbuddy Experiment Run Foxy! Run!   Jump Foxy! Jump!
The Barnbuddy experiment
Largely inspired from Iain Lobb the barnbuddy experiment is a demo showing that with a nice copypixel and blitting we can display a significant amount of movieclip with a reasonable fps and memory. Also the depth-sorting is properly managed please try to drag some foxes or pandas.
Doodle Fox Game
Google have launched what they called Doodle Games. Its a bunch of casual games about the Olympic Games. The HTML 5 integration is bluffing bug the concept is quite old. I was also working on mini games of the same kind for Barnbuddy. Check them out on the links below:
Run Foxy! Run!                  Jump Foxy! Jump!

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