Little Fighter EVO

Little Fighter EVO is a fun and light game for all ages.During the game you will control fighters, with special individual attacks and abilities for each fighter.The game includes one on one battles, team battles, stages, levels, tournaments and much more.You can even play net battles against your internet buddies. The game was originally made by Marti and Starky Wong for PC.

I am currently working on a web and mobile version Little Fighter Evo, powered by FlashGameMaker.

Development Plan
I plan to develop this project in two steps. 
First of all, I need to recreate the gameplay of the original game. 
In second, I will add the Evolution my French touch to this game with a social integration onf FB, new game mods such as a Story mod where you can create your own fighter and make it evolves or a Death mod  where I will try to create the strongest AI that I will defy you to win against.


Screenshot (original game)

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david razmadze said...

Hii i made a gameplay please wath it.

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